Hello and welcome to Flower City Mom!

I’m a mom, wife, cat owner, life-long learner, chocoholic, blogger and a resident of Brampton for over twenty years.

This site was born from the desire to connect the moms of our community to all the resources, activities and events that this city has to offer.  Our city has resources, excellent resources for Brampton families; this is just my little attempt to organize these resource and umbrella them all under one easy-to-use site.

Topics you’ll see me share on this site include:

  • Local events, and while I do share the events I come across online, I welcome any submissions of family-friendly events for the Brampton area;
  • Local volunteer opportunities and not-for-profit fundraising events;
  • Activities supporting the local arts community;
  • Featured stories of local mom business owners in our community;
  • Community new stories geared towards families.

Please have a look at my privacy and disclosure statement.

And please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you!