Parent & Child Creative Expressions classes

The Art Workshop in Brampton is hosting Parent & Child Creative Expressions classes!  This new class starts Saturday, April 7 from 10am-noon and runs on Saturdays for 4 weeks.

Children ages 5 to 10 years and their mom/dad will learn to create together. Listen to a story, then work together to create the images. Talk about virtues and how to put them into practice. Create a storyboard with your child. Discuss, draw, learn a song and more! Register at

About The Art Workshop
The Art Workshop offers affordable classes and workshops to creative souls. They make learning fun and easy and have a variety of classes to suit all ages. Try your hand at jewellery making, cake decorating, glass etching, drawing, basketry, watercolours, stained glass painting and so much more! New classes starting each month! Located at 115 Orenda Road, Brampton. Pre-registration is required for their classes and workshops. For more information please visit:


  1. Kimberly says:

    Sounds very creative! I bet kids will think their parents’ ideas funny and parents will think their children’s ideas a really fun perspective on the world =D Art is so fun!

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